Relocation Specialist & Warehousing Work

warehousePenn Building Services offers full-service Relocation, Moving, and Warehousing. We have secured warehouse(s), with over 50,000 square feet of storage capacity and all areas are temperature controlled and alarmed.

Building Renovations

PBS has many years of experience providing the Moving labor/supervision & storage services necessary for buildings during your Renovation Phases.

We can move & protect the furnishings/boxes either On-Site and/or Relocate all items Off-Site to one of our secure warehouses, for protection during the Renovations. PBS will then re-deliver all items after the Renovations are completed as per your schedules.

Dormitory Renovations

Penn Building Services has been providing its unique brand of Furnishings Handling services for Dormitory Renovations at the University of Pennsylvania for almost 12 years.

We handle all of the removal & disposal of old furniture, as well as the moving, storage and then re-installation of the newer existing dormitory furniture as it relates to each Phase of the Renovations.

PBS will provide all Labor, Supervision & Management services to complete your Dormitory Renovations, as directed by your Project Management staff.

PBS will also coordinate the disposal of any old furniture by either Donation or GREEN RECYCLING programs! Penn Building Services also provides NEW dormitory Furniture Installations. We have installed tens of thousands of pieces at over 30 Colleges in the Tri-State area.